Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Taking care of the girls

I don't remember my breasts ever getting so big in a pregnancy. I'm six weeks today, and they feel like they're taking over the planet.

After losing a lot of weight years ago, I went to the Town Shop while in New York and had the bra queen measure me. After telling me that my current brassiere was a disaster, she got quite friendly and then declared me a 34D. For perspective: A few years earlier I'd worn a 42C -- perhaps misguidedly -- and arrived in the store wearing a 36C. And while I may normally be a 34D, I don't look particularly stacked.

With my bras feeling a little tight -- last week, a sports bra that closes with a zipper literally burst open while I was taking a walk, which was delightful -- last night I hauled out the measuring tape and pulled up a few Web sites to find out what I should be wearing. At Victoria's Secret, I'm a 38A; at, I'm a 34DDD.

WTF? Do I have to go back to the Upper West Side to get the real story?

PS If you've carried a pregnancy to term -- or even if you've had a pregnancy last longer than 8 weeks -- did your breasts ever stop being so sore?


bleu said...

My breasts hurt like hell the first trimester, but never again. Even when my milk came in, when I was really expecting it, they didn't hurt, just the first 8-10 weeks.

I was a 36E before and went to a 40I just FYI, it was crazy.

Kim said...

I read this yesterday and forgot to post. Sorry. And how funny that you did post this when you did because when I woke up yesterday the first thing I noticed was that my boobs weren't hurting! We were 9w3d yesterday and my boobs have hurt since like day 1! Yesterday...NOTHING. I thought it was the strangest thing. Well actually it kinda scared me but I guess after reading bleus's ok for them to stop hurting.