Friday, October 19, 2007

First beta is back

It's 828.

That seems high and great and everything, but last time I was pregnant, it was 520 at 16 days past ovulation, and it tripled in two days, and I still miscarried.

Next test is on Monday.

On the plus side, I definitely feel pregnant.


vee said...

One day at a time, I guess. Probably nothing is going to stop you worrying, but congrats on the great fist number and good luck for Monday and the next 9 months!

bleu said...

yeah yeah yeah yeah

so happy for you

CD & SP said...

yay! congrats!!

The Fonaholics said...

Fantastic news, delurking to congratulate you, and your first IVF!!!

Kim said...

YAY for good numbers!

Thinkin' of you!