Monday, March 24, 2008


This pregnancy is nicely arranged around the seasons. It began around the autumn equinox, and it's scheduled to end (allegedly) around the first day of summer. As I near the end of the second trimester, I've spent all of fall and winter pregnant.

Which brings us to spring, one of my favorite seasons. Love the flowers, the strawberries, the fava beans and asparagus. For the last three years, I've spent the beginning of spring pregnant. Last year April began with the news of my second pregnancy, and it ended with a D&C.

This year things are looking -- keninah horah (or however you spell that) -- different. So far, this baby has been deemed by all to be in fine shape. We passed the amnio, passed the 20-week ultrasound, passed the gestational diabetes test (phew!). It moves around a lot, especially at certain times, and I haven't used my fetal heart monitor in weeks, because I know from its movement that it's okay in there.

Apparently my 20-week ultrasound revealed what might be a low-lying placenta, so on Friday we're having an extra ultrasound to see if placenta previa (where the placenta lies very close to or on top of the cervix -- bad) is on the menu. Of course I did the research and found out you're at a greater risk for PP if you're over the age of 35 (check) and have had previous uterine surgery -- like, say, a D&C or two (check). The nurse at my midwife's office has assured me the chances are slight, even with my history, so I'm trying to be optimistic. Especially because placenta previa would severely interfere with some upcoming travel plans. Cross your fingers.

Beyond that, though, I have few complaints. I'm able to exercise without a problem, I'm sleeping adequately, and while I feel giant, I'm still moving around at a good clip. Even though I've put on nearly 20 pounds, and even though I'm six months pregnant, few people seem to look at me and see that I'm expecting. I have one maternity dress that's gotten me a seat on BART a couple of times, but that's it. Even old friends, colleagues, etc., seem to think I'm just getting fatter. I certainly don't look the way I'd hoped at this stage, but given how the last two springs have begun, I'm beyond thrilled and exceedingly grateful to be beginning this part of 2008 with a well-established munchkin in my uterus. As long as I know it's in there, we're good.