Wednesday, August 15, 2007

7 Reasons Why/Not

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Reasons why /Not
Breasts are tender but not necessarily any more tender than any other day 25 of my cycle.
Temperature was really high today as it has been many other times when I was not pregnant.
I was pretty tired over the weekend. So?

I've felt sick to my stomach the past couple of days

and also have a little sore throat, which isn't typically a pregnancy symptom. Plus, if morning sickness is kicking in already, I'm going to be the first woman on record to naturally conceive septuplets.
Lots of weird dreams which means I've been getting lots of good REM sleep.
Cranky! Again, so?


In a theoretical universe where you're trying to keep things in your uterus, motions to expel are not so good.


vee said...

You're funny!

Kim said...

What is today? Day 12? 13? My fingers are crossed for ya and sending our lots of positive thoughts and vibes!