Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The drug dealer calleth

The scene: A San Francisco apartment, August 2007, 8:30 am. A woman (mid-30s) is trying to leave for work when the phone rings.

Woman: Hello?
Caller: Hello, may I please speak with Aspiring Baker?
Woman: This is she.
Caller: This is Your Insurance Company's Pharmacy Department. May I verify your date of birth?
Woman: Well, no, actually, because you have called me.
Caller: Yes, and we need to verify your date of birth.
Woman: Uh huh. But how do I know you're who you say you are?
Caller [testily]: Because I am.
Woman: In this age of identify theft, I'm sure you can appreciate my hesitation to reveal my date of birth to a random caller. I wouldn't give you my social security number, either.
Caller: [more testily] I didn't ask for that.
Woman: [conciliatorily] Right. But surely you can understand why I wouldn't want to give out personal information over the phone when you have called me.
Caller: [resigned] May I verify your zip code, then?
Woman: Yes.

Now, I recognize that I'm a little cranky these days, but really -- what corporation in this day and age -- particularly one that's subject to HIPAA -- thinks that someone who answers the phone is just going to verify their date of birth?

Said phone call subsequently revealed that the insurance company will send via UPS seven -- count 'em, seven -- drugs to my home. They are:

- Lupron
- Gonal-f
- Repronex
- Novarel (HCG shot)
- Estradiol
- Medrol
- Progesterone

They even include all of the syringes and alcohol pads. This is going to be fun!

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