Monday, August 20, 2007

Now we're both on the Pill!

Well, okay, only one of us is on the pill. But who can resist a Sixteen Candles reference? (Bonus points to anyone who can name the line following this one...*)

Got my period yesterday, started birth control pills today. I expect to start shots in about three weeks and do a retrieval/transfer in about six.

The next big question: provided eggs are stimulated, retrieved, fertilized, etc. -- how many embryos to transfer? The minimum is one, and the maximum is two. The issue: if I hope to avoid twins, and if each embryo has a 20 percent chance of implanting and at least a 20 percent chance of miscarrying, and if IVF has a 30 percent chance of twins, how much do I need to pay a statistician to figure this out for me?

* It's: "You gave me birth control pills? Do you know what that can do to a guy my age?" Such a good movie.

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