Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I definitely feel like I'm in a foreign country without a map. This whole 12-weeks-pregnant-and-everything-looks-good thing is completely foreign territory.

Today I am 12 weeks. 12 weeks! Never would have thunk it. Can't decide if this is the start of the second trimester -- even the medical books don't seem to agree. I'm going to be literal (for a change -- NOT) and decide that I'll be in my second trimester at 13 weeks 3 days (divide 40 weeks by 3, etc.).

Last night I received my last intramuscular progesterone shot -- something I'd been getting daily for more than two months. Thank God. My ass is going to be confused when it doesn't get stabbed every night.

At this point, I'm like a regular pregnant lady, going to see the doctor every four weeks. Which means I don't go back to the doctor until 2008. After being wanded every two weeks at a minimum, it's bizarre to go four without seeing an ultrasound machine.

My newest worry: figuring out when to tell people, mostly at work. I would like to wait until the amnio results come back, but that won't be until around January 23, when I'll be 18 weeks (kenina hora). I can't imagine I won't be showing by then, and while I am generous of belly even when not knocked up, I think by then it will be obvious that I've gone beyond eating too many Christmas cookies.

So the question becomes, to tell before the amnio results? That terrifies me. I believe that everything will be fine, but at the same time, I am having a hard time balancing my desire to tell people before it's completely obvious and my desire to keep it quiet until I know the test results are okay.

Feedback welcome!


Keri said...

I always have this idea that I won't tell until I have to. But I think there'll come a day when you finally feel safe and everything feels real and you'll scream it from every pore.
Jan 23 is way too far away for that! :) said...

This post came through my bloglines account tonight with another one - an old one of you talking about egg retrieval. And now here you are 12 weeks pregnant! Congratulations on reaching this milestone. Congrats on no more jabs, congrats on the lack of wanding - CONGRATS on being Regular Pregnant Lady!!

Kim said...

Way to go on hitting the 12 week mark!! A regular pregnant woman...doesn't that sound great!?

M & I are SO rooting for yall. And thanks for the comment.

Jennifer said...

I just want to thank you for sharing your experiences, thoughts, frustrations, etc. On the day of my transfer last week I was doing research online trying to figure out if we should transfer the recommended 3 embryos, whether or not to freeze, what if I get pregnant with triplets, what about selective reduction, etc. I was really getting mired down and panicky until I read your blog.

Thank you so much for helping a girl who felt she was running out of hope.

Anonymous said...

i don't even know you, but your story sounds so much like mine! you are a couple weeks ahead of me, so it's comforting to read your posts :)
i also started out as twins and the embie lost it's heartbeat after 6w2d and i just found out after doing a high def u/s that embie had two yolk sacs, that means it could have been triplets! yikes! so as worried as we were about losing that one..yes..God has a plan because we are totally happy with one health baby please!
anyway, i wanted to say CONGRATS on all these exciting new milestones! after several ectopics and failed IVFs i totally understand your joy and terror!
but enjoy honey! :) you have been blessed. i'm curious to see when you decide to tell. i'm already so darn big i may have to :)
you sound like you'll be a great mommy!!