Thursday, December 6, 2007

CVS converted to amnio

We went to our appointment today. All looks good, but the doctor was concerned it might be difficult to get a sample of the cord for the surviving twin. He was having trouble telling what went where and felt it would be better if we wait to do an amnio, since at that point there will be no question of whether he's getting into the right sac.

So, no CVS today. However, we did get to see a bunch of really cool ultrasound pictures. We saw the head, the arms, and the legs! (It seems to have two of everything it should have, and just one head.) It seems to have my big nose, and it was really active -- moving around a lot, and it grew 4 mm just in the last two days! It had a heart rate of 170 bpm. We're 11 weeks 1 day today (cannot believe that!) but it measured 11 weeks 5 days. Maybe it'll take after its big momma.

The doctor was able to see that the nuchal translucency -- the fold at the back of the neck -- was nice and thin. That's good, because a thickened NT can indicate Down syndrome. He thought everything looked great, so we have to wait 5 more weeks for the amnio and 2 weeks after that for the results.

I was really nervous this morning about this test, and while I wish I didn't have to wait so long, I'd rather wait and know that the answers are pretty definitive instead of get ambiguous results and then end up having a CVS AND an amnio. So, provided nothing goes awry, we have no doctor's appointments until 2008.

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J said...

Well that all seems like excellent news. Congrats!