Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The swing of things

That's what we're getting into around here, it seems. The good news:
- Baby is gaining weight appropriately.
- Breastfeeding is going quite well, except for a possible plugged duct situation. Overall, I seem to be the Bellagio fountains of lactation, which provides for some entertainment in our household. I can't complain.
- Baby sleeps often but not for long periods of time, though we have had a few glorious stretches of four hours and, once, a six-hour stretch. Am hoping for more.
- I'm healed from the birth and am starting to move my body around again.
- Baby is beautiful and sweet, and he seems to be on the verge of smiling.

The challenges:
- Staying at home alone with Baby can be difficult when, say, I want to take a shower, eat something, or do something other than feed, change, or hold him. Since I'm a Type A personality who excels at multi-tasking, sitting around nursing and watching the TLC network can be frustrating in its lack of productivity. (Yeah, yeah, I know, I'm solely responsible for the survival of another human being, and doing that is the very definition of productive. I get that.)
- Baby is frequently gassy, poor thing. Even when I don't eat foods from the cabbage family. (I don't buy the whole, it's related to what you eat business. At least not yet.)
- Brain is feeling the effects of non-consecutive sleep, causing me to write sentences like this one.
- Need to lose 20 pounds, but want to bake cookies instead. Only maternity clothes fit, and I have three weddings to attend next month.

So far our favorite baby products are the Miracle swaddling blanket (our ticket to longer sleep stretches), the Aquarium bouncy seat (which I scoffed at, not wanting something so, well, bright in my living room, but it's my ticket to a shower most days), and Calmoseptine diaper cream (this stuff rocks).

Since I'm fanatical about keeping this an anonymous blog, I'm not going to post any photos here. Sorry. Picture a cute Caucasian newborn, with a nicely shaped head and perfect features where they're supposed to be, and that's our Baby.


bleu said...

So exciting to see a post!!!
I chuckled about the shower thing at the top of the post. before Bliss I was a 2 shower a day person always, then I had him and went days sometimes. I too found the bouncy seat a miracle for getting a shower in. lol

The food milk thing is something to just really be aware of. I had a child who ended up having silent reflux even though he was exclusively breastfed. Before realizing that I did the whole elimination diet thing to no avail. Fast forward to six months old though and I did find if I ate red bell peppers he was miserable later on. Another really shocking one was when I ate avocadoes. That is supposed to be so mild but it caused him pain. I also found I could not eat red grapes, which is funny because later on when he began solids and fruit I found out red grapes caused him to be constipated. Aren't grapes supposed to do the opposite?? It was the strangest thing, but he had it for a couple years then it went away, now he is a grape fiend with no troubles.

All I am trying to get at is I think being paranoid does no one any good but sometimes you can find a few things that are problems. (soy caused a good friends kid endless pain so she changed her chai soy latte choice)

Oh and the endless feeding stuff can be hard, the first year I made a point of reading all the books I had ever wanted to. I knew I would never get a chance again. I read like 40 huge classics all while side lying feeding him and decided it was furthering my brain so very justified and productive!!

As for food, my goddess breast feeding makes one want cookies and cake, it is insane. I perfected a shortbread recipe that year which was sooooooo not a good thing!!

Anyhow take care and much love.

Shelly said...

I'm disappointed about the pictures but totally get it. I'm also VERY type A and would like to reassure you that it gets better. I think it was at about 3 months that I could really multi-task again. I've gotten tons done this summer during naps, time in the pack-n-play, jumper, etc. A good baby carrier (I've got an Ergo and a Mei Tai) does wonders for getting things done too.

I'm so happy for you!

Lizzie said...

So good to hear from you! No advice from my end, and totally get the anonymity, but think you sound great and so happy for the update. Take care!!

Kim said...

He's a beauty!! :o)