Monday, November 5, 2007

Three words

Viable twin pregnancy.

Or, to use a few more: there are two embryos in there, two heartbeats, both good. Two sacs, one smaller than the other but still probably fine. The doctor gave it a 20 percent chance of becoming a "vanishing twin." In other words, he gave it an 80 percent chance of sticking around.

Excuse me while my partner and I completely freak out.


vee said...

Three words: Oh my god!

Julie said...

I agree with Vee.

2 sets of twins on my blog roll in 2 weeks. Big news.

G said...

delurking here.. to congratulate you. I know you don't want twins, but a congratulations is in order. I'll keep sending you positive vibes for you.

bleu said...


Congrats Congrats!!!

Malky B. said...

congratulations! You must be so happy and relieved!

Kim said...

Yeah for twins! Congrats!

Blogger twin powers activate!

Now I've got someone to compare notes with. :o)

Again, all 4 of you!

CD & SP said...

woo hoo! freak out in a good way!!

Sara said...

Yahoo and Wahoo!! Fantastic, wonderful, and glorious news!!