Monday, November 26, 2007

Follow your nose

I seem to be developing a supersonic sense of smell. I've always had a strong aversion to most dairy products, but lately cheese is showing up in unusual places. First, the squash soup at Thanksgiving tasted cheesy. It wasn't, because the chef had described to me, in detail, the vegan recipe. Then, at dessert, I took a slice of pecan pie, and as I raised it to my mouth, I thought, this smells like cheese. Now, I've never made pecan pie before, but I read enough cooking magazines to know that cheese isn't typically found in pecan pie. (Apple pie, maybe.)

I asked the baker if there was cheese in the pie. She thought I was insane, of course, and said no. But I was later vindicated when my partner smelled the pie and agreed about the cheese scent. The baker later recalled that she had used some kind of raw butter that's particularly cow-y. Hence the cheese smell. Later on, I found myself holding my breath every time someone opened the leftover-laden refrigerator. Bleah.

This is either going to launch my career as a private investigator, or become unpleasant really fast.

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