Sunday, July 29, 2007

Decisions, decisions

The problem with lists of pros and cons is that such lists don't usually assign weights to the options. Everything is equal. Which makes this list of pros and cons a bit flawed.

On doing an IUI this cycle (it's day 8):
1. I'd like to have a baby.
2. I might avoid IVF.
3. I could get this show on the road earlier.
4. Physically, there is no reason not to try -- I'm in good health, don't have any contraindications that I can think of.

1. The chances of success are low.
2. Particularly since I haven't taken any fertility drugs this month, and it's too late to do so now.
3. Absurdly, doing an IUI this month will probably cost me more than doing IVF in two months.
4. Supplies of my new donor are very low, so it would make sense to try to maximize his seed.
5. I haven't done very much acupuncture lately.

Of course, if I try this month and don't succeed, it has no effect on my IVF plans. But I'm getting impatient.

Any thoughts?

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amyjay said...

I don't know. I know you have been through a lot. My advise would be to follow your heart.

Unfortunately, my decision would be based on finances. So, if you can afford it financially (and emotionally) I would say go for it.

Having a possibility of conception in a cycle is easier for me to deal with than no chance at all.

I hope you find peace in what ever decision you make.